Behind the Veil – the Deutsch version!


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A mysterious box arrived in our office this morning, post-stamped Leverkusen, Deutschland. We soon discovered its contents were none other than five beautifully wrapped books – German editions of the best-seller Behind the Veil by Lydia Laube, published as Hinter Dem Schleier by Drachemond Verlag.

The Germans have certainly out-done themselves with their version (left) – a stark contrast to ours (right). Let us know which you like best!

Not only do our German counterparts make lovely books like ours, they also explain the quality of their work in the same way that we do: ‘Machen Bücher glücklich? Wir sagen ja! Daher sind unsere Verlagstitel mit Herzblut erdacht und mit Liebe gemacht.’ (Translation: ‘Books make you happy? We say yes! Therefore our published titles are passionately conceived and made ​​with love. Enjoy your reading!’)


 Lydia Laube

Above: a very excited Lydia Laube holding her copy of Hinter Dem Schleiner at the Wakefield HQ this morning.

Click here for more information about Behind the Veil (and if you’re really keen, you can get a bundle of Laube’s armchair travel books for a very special price here.)


So, you want to build a dry-stone wall?

Those Dry-stone Walls 01

Beautiful stone was nature’s gift to South Australia, and an irresistible building material for early settlers. Many stone walls, without mortar or with no more than mud as glue, have defied gravity and the elements all these years. Or did gravity combine with deft balance to sustain them?

In Those Dry-stone Walls: Stories from South Australia’s stone age, author Bruce Munday takes us on a journey across the state, exploring the history of SA’s dry-stone walls, and giving an insight into rural life. Hot off the press, this book is not just for history and nature buffs – it contains a comprehensive chapter (‘So, you want to build a wall!’) on DIY dry-stone walling, for those who are keen to have a crack.

Click here for further information, and to order your own copy!

Those Dry-stone Walls

Below, author Bruce is hard at work on his own dry-stone wall (picture by Kristin Munday).

Bruce Munday_Those Dry-stone Walls


                                        Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 1.58.12 PM

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