This one goes out to all the lovers

An important message from Mango











We are celebrating the week of love in the lead up to Saint Vee’s on Friday!

Of course, we’ve got you covered for Valentine’s Day gifts. We’ve even got gorgeous gift wrapping, and beautiful ‘heart strings’ (heart garlands made from vintage wallpaper) in the shop.

Fat kisses to you all from Mango, and – awww shucks guys, we’re blushing – from the rest of us Wakefieldians too!

On the silver screen …

SA Tourism have been producing some great ads recently.

There has been a bit of disagreement over the most recent Adelaide ad (see on InDaily here). Amber Petty wasn’t much of a fan. But I think it’s killer, and it is nice to be reminded just how darn beautiful and alive this old state of ours is.

But it’s not all about the big production ads. Through the SA Tourism Through Local Eyes project, a whole bunch of wildly talented South Aussies have been making short films to show their view of the state.

It’s through this project that the most recent Limestone Coast ad has been made – and of course, if we’re going to talk beautiful areas of SA, we’re going to talk Limestone Coast.

The thing that has got all us Wakefieldians so excited, however, takes place at 1:42 exactly:


To see more of the innovative advertising SA Tourism have got going on (and you really should – they’ve got some beauties), have a look here.

From the archives

How to Win the Constitutional WarNow, you all know by now that Wakefield Press is a pretty special place, with a very long history.

I bet that you’re not aware, however, of the fact that we are also the home place of our esteemed Prime Minister’s very first two books.

(Alright alright, I say that because I wasn’t aware. In fact, I was pretty surprised!)

The Minimal Monarchy (1995) is unfortunately out of stock for the moment, but we still have copies of How to Win the Constitutional War (1997), written when dear Tones was much younger and less prime-ministerial than he is today. It’s under $10, too!

It’s a fascinating view into Abbott’s take on monarchy and republicanism, and even shows insights into his feelings towards current key party members such as Malcolm Turnbull. A debate that has died down in Australia since the 1999 referendum, the republic question still provides a good lens through which to view issues surrounding Australia’s autonomy and its place in the wider world. Being able to trace our current PM’s views on this from a much younger age is definitely compelling, no matter which side of the political spectrum you lean towards!

And if you’ve had it up to here with politics, there’s always this.

The results are in!

The Macquarie’s pick for Word of the Year 2013 is:

Infovore noun a person who craves information, especially one who takes advantage of their ready access to it on digital devices.

The people’s choice goes to onesie, which I’m not even going to give a definition for here – y’all know what a onesie is by now, right?

For the full listings, you can see the Macquarie page here, and glory in such gorgeous words as churnalism, facepalm and cli-fi (not to be confused with clit-fic, which doesn’t appear to have made its way into the Macquarie yet, but is definitely on Urban Dictionary).

The only thing to do now is to stretch these glorious words even further. Is an infovorous onesied churnalist a thing? It is now!