The wine state

The thing about SA is that we like a good time.

(The Festival State, is what our number plates used to read, until someone thought that we were giving too much away.)

We like to party, we like to think, and we like to debate.

We also like wine.

Wakefield Press have released many wine titles that have gone on to become classics over the years. Trott’s View is the McLaren Vale book, and the book is as beautiful as the region. John Gladstones’s Wine, Terroir and Climate Change, on the other hand, is a wine industry bible, especially after it was inducted into the Gourmand Wine Books Hall of Fame in 2011. If you want to read James Halliday’s views on that one, just take a look at this pdf.

And now there’s Barossa Shiraz, by Dr Thomas Girgensohn.

I could tell you about how this is a groundbreaking book. I could tell you about Girgensohn’s years of research, his meticulous knowledge of a complex region. How this kind of project has never been done before.

But let’s be honest, Robyn Lewis’s review on says it better.

And the book says it best of all.

Makes for delightful reading over a glass of Barossa red. Of course.



Breaking bad news

We get a lot of junk mail sent to the reception email. It’s the downside to a public email address: on the one hand it’s great that everyone can get in touch, on the other hand there are only so many search engine optimisation emails that a girl can handle.

Recently, however, I’ve noticed a change in tenor in our spam. A – fairly drastic, I have to say – change in tack. It started when I found myself accused of committing a felony:

Crash spam


Hillary’s so cheerful about our road incident! It really is, when you think about it, very kind of her.

But the felony was nothing on the cancer:

Cancer spam


Well, that’s me done for. Guess I’m signing out for good, guys. It’s been great.


[email address removed] All rights reserved.


(SERIOUSLY! But if, by the by, you want a real insight into cancer, Geoff Goodfellow‘s the one to read.)

Best in the business

That’s us.

Or, to be more precise, our authors.

Latest evidence can be found here. Yeah, that’s just John Neylon basking in the glow of his Scarlett Award for critical writing. They say that the proof is in the Fiona Hall essay (that’s the saying, right?) but if you need more evidence, try this, or this, or this. Or this.

Chapeau, John!

Stephen Bowers














(Don’t mean to brag but – goddamn, we got some talented authors and some fine looking books.)

It’s a tough life …

Oh dear LORD what a crazy few days it’s been!

Adelaide Writers’ Week kicked off on Saturday, with sessions including big names such as Booker Prize-winner Eleanor Catton, superstar newbie Hannah Kent and Wakefield Press’s very own Philip Jones (yes, you can get the book here!).

Meanwhile, Charlotte did an amazing job putting together a day of food, wine and beautiful locations for the Visiting International Publishers program. We visited SA’s gorgeous McLaren Vale wine region, and everyone had an excellent day. A highlight? Definitely getting to hang out with our sponsors at Fox Creek — these guys are amazing, and so is their wine. Thank you for having us!

At Fox Creek

A big thanks too to Coriole Vineyards and the Star of Greece, and of course Australia Council for organising the program. All up, a perfect McLaren Vale day.

Now we just have the tough choices of the final two weeks of the Festival ahead of us. Which sessions to visit during the last two days of Writers’ Week? To purchase a one-day WOMAD pass, or go all out for the whole weekend? Which world class theatre event to attend?

Decisions, decisions …