Cojones meme, nerd!

Thursday links are in, kiddies!

We have a fantastic article from the Guardian about words invented by authors, which has been doing the rounds these last couple of days, and has provided the wonderful title to this blog post. The list of author-invented words is wonderful, but some seem particularly apt – that cojones (from the Spanish) entered regular English usage courtesy of Hemingway is glorious. Read more here.

From Esquire, we have a step-by-step guide to giving up the Amazon addiction and shopping in your local bookshop. Discontent with Bezos’ empire has been growing recently, but shopping local shouldn’t just be about a boycott. Bricks and mortar bookshops are wonderful places to find new authors, new titles, and to find out more about your local community of writers and readers. There’s nothing quite like being able to drop into Imprints on your break and spend some time familiarising yourself with the current crop of great reads. I would live in Matilda’s if they’d let me. And you’re always ALWAYS in good hands at Dymocks or Dillons. Just to name a few!

Next up, I think I’m feeling Velvet Underground after all that!

Hope the week’s treating y’all well!

Oh me oh my

Nature's LineLet the awards for Nature’s Line begin.

The shortlist for the very highly respected Ernest Scott Prize was announced today, and Janis Sheldrick’s amazing George Goyder biography is top of the list! With some spot on judges’ comments, too.

We’re incredibly proud of this book, and the mammoth amount of work, love and dedication put into by Janis.

We’re definitely expecting more from where this came from. Congratulations Janis!

New Wakefieldians and Thursday links

Thanks to an awesome Oz Co grant, we now have an ebook expert in residence for the next three months. Or, as we like to say: Simon is in the house!

We like this one. As well as being a general ebook Grand Master, he’s also an avid reader and reviewer, and an on-the-side Brow Lifter (online editor).

He also finds the best articles on interesting book-related things.

Which brings me to today’s links!

We have an awesome, awesome article on the struggle to read from the New York Review of Books. It’s a great piece on the way that we read today, and how it affects the way we write. Cheers for this Simon!

Second up is associated: an article from the New Yorker, on the proposed trigger warnings for students of literature, and the kind of impact that could have on readers. Another fascinating piece on the act of reading – something we’re pretty keen on exploring over here.

Third up is not a link, but an apology from me. Two New York-centric articles in one blog post? Not good enough!

Fourth, to localise things a bit, we have the interactive timeline for Golden North Ice Cream’s history. Just to continue with the Laura theme from yesterday. Also because it’s damn cool. Also also because I think we need more ice cream in this office. Whatever the weather.

Also also ALSO — this one‘s back in stock guys!

Nature's Line















Better be quick!

Tracking Wakefield’s authors

Rise and shine kiddies, let this new (and short!) week begin …

To be perfectly honest, we’re struggling to keep up with our authors over here —

There’s Dino Hodge, on Late Night Live with Phillip Adams last night discussing Don Dunstan. Wonderful interview.

Then there’s Kate Strohm, who’s again heading to Italy to present on sibling issues discussed in her book, Siblings: Brothers and Sisters of Children with Disability. She presented at workshops in Italy in 2006 and 2013, and this year she’s preparing to present in Assisi and Glasgow. Kate says the experiences have been especially memorable – though working with a translator all day can be exhausting! – and reinforce the idea that families are the same the world over.

Siblings Revised Ed.















Then Philip Butterss, who has been running all over town presenting for the brilliant C.J. Dennis biography, An Unsentimental Bloke, has a launch coming up at Laura on the 22 June. Laura‘s a pretty rad place – C.J. Dennis wrote the poem ‘Laura Days’ about his time there:

When the evening sun slants through the gums,
By my forest-rimmed abode
Once more the old clear picture comes,
And my mind drifts down the road;
Back to the town by Beetaloo,
Where the rocky river strays;
Back to the old kind friends I knew
In the dear dead Laura days.

Couldn’t have put it better myself, Clarry. Except I would have added a line about how it’s the homeplace of Golden North ice cream, obvs.

And that’s only three accounted for! To keep up with everyone else, keep an eye on our events calendar.