More mischief from our authors

So, Sally Hunter (née Foster) is about to swim in the Commonwealth Games, Kate Strohm‘s casually ambling all over the world, and Sally van Gent has so many author events coming up that we’ve been considering sending her a few cases of energy drinks to help her out!

Sally Foster

Sally Foster signing books at the launch of Born to Swim.


Kate Strohm (centre)

Kate Strohm discussing Siblings.


Sally van Gent

Sally van Gent relaxing at home in between a crazy, crazy schedule talking about Clay Gully.


































Phew! We can hardly keep up with these guys!

And, for no reason other than it’s Thursday and everyone’s been so amazing this week, here’s a little bit of funk to get us through to the weekend (courtesy of Geek in Residence, Simon!).

Siblings in Italy …

Ready for a bit of jealousy for your Monday morning?

WP author Kate Strohm has sent word back from Italy, where she presented a one day seminar on the topic of siblings of children with disability in Assisi (looks terrible, right?). She says,

With an audience of family members and professionals, the seminar was a lively and rewarding day. It is interesting that the issues are the same for families the world over. This particular event was so well organised by the Serafico Institute, and included simultaneous translation which made things so much easier. We had some adult and teen siblings tell their stories, always moving, but especially so this time when a young sibling expressed herself through music.

And some photos —

View from Assisi

As far as views go, this one’s … passable.

Chocolate shoes!

Yes, those are shoes made of chocolate.































Not finished yet, Kate is soon to present in Scotland.

Delicious food and gorgeous art writers

The SALA Festival is almost upon us, and we’re celebrating art writers over at Wakefield!

At the top of the particularly excellent list is the SALA Writing Art Literary Dinner, and you’re all invited, just by the way —

SALA Writing Art Literary Dinner invite

Good food, good company, interesting conversation – can you go wrong?

Oh, and about that food – let me show you a peek of the menu so you know what I’m talking about:

SALA Writing Art Literary Dinner menu


The Geek’s Blog: All About Ebooks

Hi! My name is Simon Collinson and I’m Wakefield Press’s new ‘Geek in Residence’. Thanks to the generosity of the Australia Council, I’m here until the end of August to work on Wakefield’s ebook business.

So what exactly are ebooks? Essentially, they’re a website in a box: a kind of text file which can be displayed on computers, tablets, phones, and dedicated ereader devices.

Ereader with books

Ebooks come in a few formats. The most widely used of these is an open format called EPUB, followed closely by MOBI, a proprietary format owned by Amazon, the creator of the popular ‘Kindle’ line of ereaders.

Ebooks are great for people who prefer to read large print books, as the text size can be enlarged. This means that every ebook is a large print book! They’re also good for travellers, because an average tablet or ereader is capable of holding hundreds or even thousands of ebooks.

‘But where can I buy Wakefield’s ebooks?’, I hear you asking? Luckily, you have a few options: find our ebooks at your preferred retailer, or buy them directly from us. EPUB format ebooks work on just about every device around (except for Kindles). Click here to see which ebook formats are supported by your tablet or ereader.

Ebooks are taking the publishing world by storm: they now make up at least 10% of all books sold in Australia. While I’m at Wakefield, my job is to make sure we can compete in this growing market. To do this, I need to know what our readers want. That’s why I’m asking you, dear readers, to get in touch and let me know what you think of our ebooks.

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments, suggestions, and questions.