We heart Radio Adelaide

Just a reminder (on this lovely, not-too-hot Monday) of how great Radio Adelaide is.

Diana Chessell, author of Adelaide’s Dissenting Headmaster, was interviewed by the very well-spoken and engaging Ewart Shaw on Sunday. Listen to their fascinating conversation on John Lorenzo Young here.

<em>Adelaide's Dissenting Headmaster<em> launch

Meanwhile, Mag Merrilees continues her instalments of Fables Queer and Familiar at Radio Adelaide, all of which are available here.

And then there have been interviews with Kate Strohm, Dino Hodge, Janis Sheldrick and Phil Butterss – just in the last year!

Radio Adelaide was Australia’s first ever community radio station, founded by the University of Adelaide in 1972. With over 400 volunteers helping them run the show, they have numerous awards to their name and keep the conversation about art, politics and current events going with some damn fine music in between.

Keep up the good work, guys. It’s very much appreciated. Read more about Radio Adelaide here, and have a browse through their podcasts here.

Wednesday links

The Wednesday links are in, kids!

Have you checked the news today? Because we’re getting excited about all of this Harper Lee business. Time to rewatch Gregory Peck in the movie version <swoon!>.

Also, ever wondered what kind of feedback James Joyce would have got from his creative writing class on his Ulysses?
McSweeney’s have too!

Balked a bit at some of Molly’s “sexier” thoughts, which read like male fantasy. You can do better than this, Jim.

Ah, glory.


And, last but not least, we have not one or two but SEVEN launches coming up in March. Yes, we’re exhausted already. Yes, we’ll be sending you those details soon. In the meanwhile, y’all better come to our Geoff Goodfellow event next Saturday!


With kisses from WP HQ