The art of Nicholas Folland

Over the last two weeks we’ve been sharing summaries of and extracts from some Wakefield Press gems, in blog posts put together by work experience student Maddy. (And yes, we briefly had two Maddys in the office! Never enough Maddys, we say.) This is the last post of the series.


Cover of Nicholas Folland by Lisa Slade


Nicholas Folland follows the life and work of the well-known artist. This book displays Folland’s passion for jewels and other miscellaneous translucent glassware, and how artfully he works an ambience into a piece. Stunning to look at, this book allows one to explore their taste in polished crystal and how they could work it into the atmosphere.

Folland’s talent for transforming attractive objects into even more glamorous artworks transcends all expectations and leaves you breathless. Repurposing once-useless crystalware into pieces of history and identity which speak to the audience, Folland’s journey is set throughout the pages in an essay format, easy to pore over and digest.


Found crystal vases, LED lights, by Nicholas Folland

Untitled (10-14) (2013)


Found crystal vases, LED lights, by Nicholas Folland

Untitled (1-6) (2013)


Taxidermy deer, chandelier, by Nicholas Folland

Dear (2013)


Chandelier, refrigeration unit, 12W lighting, by Nicholas Folland

The Door Was Open … (2005)


Crystal and glassware, table, lightbox, cinefoil, by Nicholas Folland

Goodnight Sweetheart (2011)


Under construction, by Nicholas Folland

Fides (2012)


Crystal decanters, polyester resin, timber, aluminium, lightbox, by Nicholas Folland

Untitled (boat 5) (2008)


Cast crystal, timber, lightbox, by Nicholas Folland

Reclining Nude (2011)


Mixed media installation, by Nicholas Folland

Raft 2 (detail) (2009)


About the author

Lisa Slade spent her childhood in Hunter Valley, New South Whales, before moving to Newcastle to be a university lecturer. Relocating to Adelaide, Slade spent her time being Project Curator at the Art Gallery of South Australia, additionally curating exhibits whilst lecturing in art history between The University of Adelaide and The Art Gallery of South Australia. Slade has written many books before, a self proclaimed expert on art and writing, she skillfully weaves between words and pictures in a balance to let readers fully understand Folland’s art.


This book is available at our bookshop on 16 Rose Street, Mile End, or online.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series by Maddy, and happy browsing!

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