The smell of freshly brewed Wakefield Press

To be honest, the Wakefield offices are pretty damn quirky.

Firstly, there’s the decor, which a recent visitor described as ‘Mad Men-esque’. So true! I’m not quite Peggy Olson, and if you try to smoke inside we’ll bludgeon you with books, but the vibe in here is Mad Men to a tee.

Secondly, there’s the layout, which can be a little confusing to any first-time visitor – especially if you stumble into the warehouse and get lost amongst the stacks!

Finally – and this has always struck me – there’s the faintest perfume in the office. Eau de Wakefield, if you will. It is the smell of freshly brewed books. Faint, sweet, clean: a fresh from the printers smell.

So, of course, that’s the first thing I thought of when Charlotte showed me the ‘Old Books’ scented candle on Lost at E Minor. How cool! My only question is – are any old books harmed in the making of the candle?

Or you could just buy a few WP titles and get the real deal!

The results are in!

The Macquarie’s pick for Word of the Year 2013 is:

Infovore noun a person who craves information, especially one who takes advantage of their ready access to it on digital devices.

The people’s choice goes to onesie, which I’m not even going to give a definition for here – y’all know what a onesie is by now, right?

For the full listings, you can see the Macquarie page here, and glory in such gorgeous words as churnalism, facepalm and cli-fi (not to be confused with clit-fic, which doesn’t appear to have made its way into the Macquarie yet, but is definitely on Urban Dictionary).

The only thing to do now is to stretch these glorious words even further. Is an infovorous onesied churnalist a thing? It is now!