WP and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital

If there’s one thing John Butler Trio taught us, it’s to Treat Yo’ Mama With Respect.

(You all know what I’m talking about right? Right?? Right???)

And we’ve been thinking a lot about mamas over here at WP, with Mother’s Day peeking around the corner.

So we’ve decided to show a bit of our love, our care, our respect, by partnering up with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital this May, and donating 15% of every purchase from our online shop or our Kent Town store to the state’s best-known women’s and children’s healthcare facility.

It means every Wakefield Mother’s Day gift will be giving twice!

Don’t know about you guys, but that’s giving us the fuzzies over here.


(PS – Stuck for Mother’s Day present ideas? I have put together a few suggestions that mothers may enjoy – yes yes, feel free to pass them off as your own. Oh, and this one‘s back in stock too! Don’t click on that link, Mum – you’ll ruin the surprise.)

(PPS – We got you inspired? If you want to make a personal donation to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation charity, click on over here.)