Here’s to a lovely Book Market weekend

And what a weekend it was.

People everywhere, delicious sausages (have I mentioned how much I like sausage sizzles?), bargains galore, author signings and readings – but the best part was all the people who came out to celebrate with us.

We feel like we’ve met a little more of the neighbourhood now – and like we’ve been welcomed with open arms. Thanks so much, guys. It’s so lovely getting to know you all. And for all our old friends who made the trek across town: thanks so much for coming, because it was bloody lovely to see you all too!

And for those of you who were with us when the heavens opened on Saturday afternoon – wasn’t it spectacular?! We made a mad dash to get all books, people and sausages inside. I am very relieved to say that not a single sausage was ruined by rain. The books and people seemed to come out of it okay, too.


Come one, come all!

Book Market customers

Looking for the perfect book for mums/dads/siblings/niblings (now isn’t that a great word?)

Our fearless leader on sales duty

Our fearless leader on sales duty.

Book Market author schedule

A big thanks to all the Wakefield authors who came along – we’re all WP family. And the readings were fantastic!

Book Market sausage sizzle

Clinton and Neil, sausage sizzlers extraordinaires. These guys kept me well fed for the duration.

Thanks so much for coming out, y’all! Here’s to Book Market 2015!

Links! Book Market! AUTHORS!

Okay kids, it’s time for some links and some fun.

First up, we have 10 Words Every Writer Needs to Know, including the very awesome scripturient, to describe someone with a passion for writing. I’m going to be including all of these in emails to our authors from now on!

Secondly, we have a collection of images showing writers with their typewriters. From the very beautiful Sylvia Plath doing a spot of typing outside in the sun, to Nabokov dictating to his wife Vera, all of these are very cool – and offer a little glimpse into the writing habits of some of the greats.

Thirdly, do you know how to use the term Orwellian? The Guardian (who else?) is here to help, with a long discussion of the use and misuse of the word. Conclusion? It would appear that pretty much everything is Orwellian.

Now, we’ve got the book market this weekend, with 3 books for the price of 2, the sausage sizzle, author signings, and the perfect opportunity to snoop around our (lovely) new office. You’re all coming, right? And then we can wander down to the Wheaty for a beer after!

Oh, and you guys are probably wondering which authors are coming along. Numbers aren’t final yet, but so far we’ve got:
On Saturday Paul Heywood-Smith, Mike Lucas, Cameron Raynes, Miriel Lenore, Barbara Santich, Alex Frayne, Mary Lou Simpson, Ray Tyndale, Diana Chessell, Stephanie RadokValerie Volk and Peter Monteath.
And on Sunday Margaret Merrilees, Wilf PrestMeg HaleLydia Laube, Patricia Sumerling, John Raftery, Janet Raftery, Mike Ladd and Ashley Mallett.

Phew! Let’s Billie Holiday this week into gear: