The Bennetts, a brand new Christmas drink

The weather reports are in and it’s going to be a stinking hot Christmas right across Australia, with SA copping the worst of it. But never fear! Our wonderful new author Helen Bennetts has the perfect Christmas day solution. Introducing the Bennetts,* a brand new cocktail that’s a mix of almond granita and prosecco. Intrigued? We were serving them at the launch of Helen’s book Willunga Almonds and everyone was raving!

First you’ll need almond granita, and the recipe is provided in Willunga Almonds:

Serves 4

Mix 4 cups of almond milk [WP: Helen provides a recipe to make your own, but store bought works fine too] with cup of sugar until sugar dissolves. Either put mixture in an ice-cream maker and freeze or put in the freezer, removing every 20 minutes or so to stir and break up crystals.

Once the granita is ready, put two tablespoons of granita in a glass then top up with prosecco (we suggest Coriole prosecco, of course). Be careful, it will fizz up. And voilà, the Bennetts is served. Cool, refreshing, and perfect to get you through another hot Aussie Christmas.


Willunga Almonds the Bennetts cocktailFor Helen’s almond granita and more fabulous almond recipes and stories, pick up your copy of Willunga Almonds here.

If you’re still hoping to grab a copy of this or any of our other titles before Christmas, our Mile End store will be open from 9 am to 5 pm today and tomorrow, and from 10 am to 4 pm on Christmas Eve. If you can’t make it to our shop, please check all good bookstores.

Thank you all for your support this Christmas season!

*Wakefield tested and approved.

Fear (no more) the heat o’ the sun

Urgh. Day Five of the great 2014 heatwave rolls on. The horror, the horror.

Time to pull out the big guns.

Four part series. Available immediately online. Got your attention yet?

First read this summary of book one. Then go here. Purchase.

Now start reading. By the time you look up, I promise, all this horrible weather will be over.

Don’t worry, you can thank me later.


Tricks to survive a heatwave …

The holidays are most definitely over. And we’re into Day Two of the great 2014 heatwave (fingers crossed this is the only one!). We all need a good book to get us through.

Thank goodness for Iola Mathews, then! Chequered Lives is the hottest off-est the press at the minute, and it’s already flying out the door. Telling the story of John Barton Hack and Stephen Hack, and the early days of South Australia, it’s fascinating, incredibly well researched and incredibly well written, too!

Or, if you need a book with a cool name, there’s always Sea Change, our incredibly popular (and beautiful) history of the City of Holdfast Bay. Recently reprinted to keep up with demand, this book is perfect for a slow read on a hot afternoon.

You can almost feel the sea breeze on your face …

And if that doesn’t appeal, we’ve only got one more suggestion.

Can’t go wrong!