Wakefield Press is an independent book publishing company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Wakefield Press is South Australia's leading publisher of general books, publishing about thirty books a year.

We are currently only accepting submissions of young adult manuscripts. We will not be accepting any other unsolicited manuscripts until further notice.

To submit, please follow our submission guidelines below carefully:

• Check our submission guidelines on our website and send your manuscript with your email address.

• Do not send anything original, only copies of your writing and photos. Keep the original safe.

• We will not let you know the manuscript has arrived. Be assured it will arrive if you addressed it correctly to Submissions Editor, Wakefield Press, 16 Rose Street Mile End, 5031; or submissions@wakefieldpress.com.au

• Your manuscript will be read. We value your writing and we don’t want to miss that next bestseller.

• No manuscripts will be returned so please don’t include postage. But don’t worry, they will be shredded and recycled so there is no danger of your work being read by others.

• If we are interested in publishing your work we will contact you, otherwise you will not hear from us. There’s no point contacting Wakefield Press to see how things are going.

• We will read everything within two months so if you haven’t heard by then, try elsewhere; different publishers are looking for different types of books. Just because it didn’t suit Wakefield Press doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to another publisher.

Rather than submit your work directly, you may prefer to enter the Arts South Australia Wakefield Press Unpublished Manuscript Award, a biannual competition. If your manuscript wins you not only have it published by Wakefield Press but win $10,000. We often publish shortlisted titles as well. Check the Arts South Australia website for details.

Please check back here for updates.