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Is This the Way to Madagascar? - ebook: pdf

Lydia Laube

Is This the Way to Madagascar? - ebook: pdf
In all her travels across the globe, Lydia Laube had always wanted to visit the intriguing island of Madagascar and meet its famous residents, the lemurs. So she hops aboard a French cargo ship, replete with cleaver-wielding cook, to begin a wayward journey. After escapades in Singapore, Egypt, Malta and Italy, Lydia eventually lands on the place Arab sailors called the Island of the Moon. Here she meets the friendly locals, attempts to familiarise herself with their tricky language, and sets off to sample the country's food, accommodation, sights, and sounds - and to find her lemurs.

Praise for Is This the Way to Madagascar?:
'Laube's written style is folksy and familiar, but her travelling methods are unorthodox ...' - Herald Sun

Lydia Laube never says no to adventure, whether that means galloping a horse across the Mongolian plains or hopping on a cargo ship to Madagascar. Born into the farming community of Caltowie in the mid-north of South Australia, Lydia trained as a nurse in Adelaide, then set off to see the world. Her debut book, Behind the Veil: An Australian nurse in Saudi Arabia, was an instant bestseller, and she has become one of Australia's favourite travel writers.

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Is This the Way to Madagascar?
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