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Jetty Road - ebook: epub

Cath Kenneally

Jetty Road - ebook: epub
Jetty Road is an amusing and insightful novel about women of a certain age, kids and oldies - about life actually, and how we never really grow into it. The story explores the intertwined lives of two sisters, Evie and Paula Haggerty. Damaged by their early life experiences - Evie's past drug habit and the collapse of Paula's long-term relationship - the sisters depend on one another to stand strong against the challenges of mid life, and together face difficult decisions that must be made.

'Beautifully written, thoroughly engaging and elegantly framed by a critical intelligence that wears its own convictions lightly but without apology.' - Michele Grossman

Cath Kenneally is an arts journalist and broadcaster. She has written five books of poetry, including Around Here, which won the John Bray National Poetry Award, and one other novel, Room Temperature, also published by Wakefield Press. She lives in Adelaide and has three children.

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Category Literature - Fiction
Format Ebook - EPUB
Size 0 x 0 mm
ISBN 9781862549807
Extent 384 pages
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