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Sex, Knives and Bouillabaisse - ebook: epub

Teri Louise Kelly

Sex, Knives and Bouillabaisse - ebook: epub
It all started in 1975. I was fifteen years, three hundred and forty-four days old, nothing but a kid, albeit a kid they'd highlighted in The Year Book as a 'hard case'. I was four months out of juvey, give or take, and I had a swagger, an edge, abrasion ...

So begins the hilarious, often vexed, and constantly twisted life story of Teri Louise Kelly in this first volume of her memoirs. Writing as the boy she once was, Teri takes us into the cloistered world of swanky hotels in England and Paris. As a chef, Teri Louise Kelly strutted the line in big kitchens with a cocky impudence and girlish hips; as a writer, she brings to the page a furnace-like blast of candidness coupled with an eye for detail sharp as a sniper's.

Praise for Sex, Knives and Bouillabaisse
'Reading Sex Knives and Bouillabaisse will cure anybody of their delusions of glamour around a career in cooking; also possibly of ever eating out again.' - Kerri Jackson, the New Zealand Herald

Teri Louise Kelly lives in Adelaide, South Australia, with her partner Mel Kelly, where together they find yet more ways to defy convention.

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Category Biography/Autobiography/True Stories
Format Ebook - EPUB
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ISBN 9781862549050
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