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The Goddamn Bus of Happiness - ebook: pdf

Stefan Laszczuk

The Goddamn Bus of Happiness - ebook: pdf
This novel is at once hilarious and deeply moving. It sets a cracking pace and pins you to the page with its outrageous episodes, intriguing characters and provocative observations. Yet there is tenderness in the writing. Deliberately humorous in the face of tragedy, it speaks honestly about the often ignored vulnerability of young men: a Catcher in the Rye for this time and place.

Laszczuk's novel will speak to anyone who ever wonders 'how to get back on that goddam bus that ... drives us through life to some sort of happiness.'

Winner of the 2004 Adelaide Festival Unpublished Manuscript Award
Category Literature - Fiction
Format Ebook - PDF
Size 0 x 0 mm
ISBN 9781743050088
Extent 240 pages
Price: AU$9.94 including GST
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