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The Noon Lady of Towitta - ebook: epub

A mystery

Patricia Sumerling

The Noon Lady of Towitta - ebook: epub
Bertha Schippan, beautiful but headstrong daughter of a Wendish-German family, is murdered on New Year's Day, 1902.

A posse of Adelaide police arrive at the family's lonely Murray Flats farm thirty-six hours later, but by the time an Aboriginal tracker can start his work, a gale has blown all clues away. An inquest sends her elder sister Mary to trial. But why would she kill Bertha when everyone knew them as loving companions?

The Noon Lady of Towitta, a novel based on real events, entwines fact and folktale to delve into the secrets of a family haunted by its past and ruled by a devout and tyrannical father.

Patricia Sumerling is an Adelaide-based professional historian who believes some of the unresolved tales she comes across in her work are ripe for unravelling and for imaginative reconstruction as distinctively South Australian stories.

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Patricia receives her award as South Australia's 2013 Historian of the Year from Governor Rear-Admiral Kevin Scarce.
Category Literature - Crime/Fantasy/Horror
Format Ebook - EPUB
Size 0 x 0 mm
ISBN 9781862549821
Extent 176 pages
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