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Green Australia - ebook: epub

A snapshot

Steve Lancaster

Green Australia - ebook: epub
Green Australia: A Snapshot examines the ways in which Australians are attempting to reduce their ecological footprint both at home and at work.

In 2009, the CO2 Energy Emissions Index found that Australia had overtaken the USA to become the largest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases in the world - a legacy of dependence on coal-fired power stations, the widespread adoption of conventional farming techniques, heavy reliance on vehicles powered by fossil fuel, 'dirty' industrial practices and a growing mountain of waste. Yet, in recent years, there has been a growing awareness that climate change is beginning to bite, the recent drought and devastating floods suggesting that more extreme weather patterns are likely unless significant steps are taken to combat global warming.

Using case studies and up-to-date research, this book demonstrates that, although much more needs to be done if Australia is to secure a carbon-neutral future, some Green shoots are beginning to emerge.

Praise for Green Australia:
'A book of fascinating information about green issues ... Green Australia is a very good resource book and will add to discussion and debate about a wide range of environmental issues.' - Greg Elliott, Indaily

Steve Lancaster was born in the United Kingdom and read Ancient and Modern History at Oxford University. He worked as a video producer and then publisher for 15 years, writing a number of books and digital texts, mainly on historical and political themes, before moving to Adelaide in 2006. Active in the Peace and Green movements in the UK, he has continued to campaign on political issues in Australia, focusing on the environment. He lives in the Adelaide Hills, with his dog, Chomsky, and is a passionate supporter of Stoke City Football Club. His political philosophy owes much to Socrates, Proudhon, Orwell and (Noam) Chomsky.

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