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Wild Whiskers and Tender Tales - ebook: pdf

Close encounters with Australian wildlife rescue and conservation

Ute Wegmann, Anthony Helman

Wild Whiskers and Tender Tales - ebook: pdf
Wild Whiskers and Tender Tales takes you behind the scenes of native Australian wildlife conservation, into the hearts of the people who commit their lives to rescuing, protecting and nurturing some of our most beautiful and endangered species.

Close encounters include: Swamp Wallaby and Eastern Grey Kangaroo; Greater Bilby; Tasmanian Devil; Flatback Turtle and Olive Ridley Turtle; Koala; Fairy Penguin; Platypus and Short-beaked Echidna; Common Brushtail Possum and Ringtail Possum; South-western Carpet Python and Central Bearded Dragon; Grey-headed Flying Fox; and Wombat.

'A stunning book ... an ideal gift for any age.' - Chronicle

'NO ORDINARY animal photo-book, Wild Whiskers and Tender Tales is a unique celebration of endangered Australian wildlife and the astonishing efforts of impassioned carers to protect them.' - Australian Education Union Magazine

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Category Environment/Ecology/Gardening
Format Ebook - PDF
Size 0 x 0 mm
ISBN 9781743051122
Extent 136 pages
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