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Dark Dreams - ebook: epub

Australian refugee stories by young writers aged 11-20 years

Sonja Dechian, Heather Miller, Eva Salis

Dark Dreams - ebook: epub
Dark Dreams: Australian refugee stories is a unique anthology of essays, interviews, and stories written by children and young adults. The stories are the finest of hundreds collected through a nationwide schools competition in 2002. The essays and stories represent many different countries and themes. Some focus on survival, some on horrors, some on the experiences and alienation of a new world. This book will have a a key role to play in schools across Australia.

Eva Sallis's first novel Hiam won The Australian Vogel and the Dobbie Literary Awards. She is co-founder of Australians Against Racism and is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide.

Praise for Dark Dreams:
'The accounts of discrimination, desperation, survival, love, fear, and determination are heart-rending and students will find this compilation moving and thought-provoking' - L. Pfister, SCAN online journal for educators

'Stories to melt the hardest heart.' - Helen Garner

'We have not been allowed to know the (recent) refugees as human beings ... These stories change all that and force a personal response from the reader.' - Phillip Adams

'Throughout each unfathomable circumstance, we are confronted by our own privilege and the mistreatment of migrants and asylum seekers ... Essential reading.' - divabooknerd

Category Biography/Autobiography/True Stories
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