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They Hosed Them Out - ebook: pdf

John Bede Cusack

They Hosed Them Out - ebook: pdf
A classic Australian war novel, inspired by the author's experiences as an airgunner in the Second World War. This new, revised and annotated edition includes chapters never before published, a fascinating biography of John Bede Cusack by his daughter, Kerry McCouat, and an informative introduction by editor Robert Brokenmouth.

'A shocking, authentic little masterpiece of men at war.' - Australian Book Review

'One of three outstanding books about the air war that have been written by Australians.' - Ross Campbell, Daily Telegraph

'In language and content this book of an Australian airgunner's war is strong meat. But it bears on every page the stamp of authenticity and can be thoroughly recommended for the graphic, unblinkered insights it gives into the author's three years' experience in RAF bombers ... this vivid, often brutal book ... is vastly entertaining, with many humorous passages οΎ– and some sultry ones, too, on the amatory side of life in wartime England.' - Leslie Jillett, Sydney Morning Herald

'The author is a natural writer with a flair for belly-jolting realism ... He is a real image Aussie, tough, ribald, amused by discipline, a colossal womaniser and a mighty man for the grog and all this comes over hot and salty ... It brings the almost ignored sacrifice of the airgunners before the reading public with a savage poignancy.' - Derek Whitelock

'... it proves vividly what I think it sets out to prove - that war is degradation. That this is achieved not from the viewpoint of a pacifist but from the viewpoint of a man who despised the philosophy of his enemy, adds to its stature.' - Ivan Southall

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