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Siblings (revised edition)

Brothers and sisters of children with disability

Kate Strohm

Siblings (revised edition)
Siblings tells what it is like to grow up with a brother or sister with a disability or illness. The siblings of children with a disability are often the overlooked ones in families struggling to cope.

Kate Strohm, a sibling herself, bravely shares the story of her journey from isolation and confusion to greater understanding and acceptance. She provides a forum for other siblings to describe their challenges and provides them with strategies to make sense of their experiences.

Through the workshops she has presented around Australia and overseas, Kate has been able to incorporate the experience and wisdom of many families and professionals, and provide clear tools for parents and practitioners to support brothers and sisters of those with a disability.

Praise for Siblings:
'A highly valuable resource and reference point for families supporting a child with an impairment ... [and] the social workers, extended family, childcare workers, teachers and those volunteering within the disability space.' - Jeannette James, Wellbeing Australia

'Siblings is a very special book. What makes it stand apart from many self-help books is its comprehensiveness, its clear writing and its clever planning. It should be part of every family’s library.' - Helen Coverton, Your Health

'This is an important book: reassuring to other siblings, helpful to parents and essential reading for professionals.' - Times Educational Supplement, UK

'Siblings is an eye-opening journey for ‘non-sibs’. Although society has made progress in supporting people with disabilities, the book underlines that we’re still not very good at talking about it. ... A helpful starting point for anyone interested in creating a more supportive environment in their home or in the wider community.' - Sam Ryan, Right Now

'After many years of anxiety and guilt, this book, along with the support of other siblings, helped me to rebuild a relationship with my brother that I once thought unachievable.' - Stephanie Fewster

'Siblings sends a lifeline to families of children with disability.' - Jill Whittaker, parent

'Reading Siblings has been one of the most emotionally relieving experiences of my life. I related to just about every page, and I cried a lot.' - Leila Pastore, Michigan, USA

'A must read for anyone who has contact with, or has, a disabled sibling in the family.' - Cushla Thornton-Brown, IHC Waikato South Association

'I would recommend this book to parents and extended family who have a combination of disabled (or chronically ill) children and 'normal' children. Even if everything is running smoothly, it may make families aware of potential 'under the surface' feelings that could arise at some stage.' - Nikki Slade Robinson, Scoop Books NZ

'This book is valuable in recognising the problem and helping to narrow the gap for many who have struggled without adequate support...[Siblings] concludes with a valuable resource list, which has obviously been updated for this revised edition. Readable and highly recommended.' - Julie Wells, ReadPlus

'I think this book is a revelation. It shines a light on a lifetime of feelings and emotions that I could never really make sense of, until now. This book is a truly honest account of the family experience and there is something immensely reassuring in reading the stories of other siblings of people with disability. Not only does it inform people like myself that we are not alone, but it also helps us to realise that all of the recurring mixed emotions need not be denied, but rather shared and acknowledged.' - Joe Cole, Phoenix Society.

'This book gives reassurance to siblings, who commonly struggle with feelings of isolation, grief, anger, and anxiety, and gives a detailed insight into the emotional rollercoaster.' - Carers (Vic) News.

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Kate Strohm, an experienced health professional and journalist, is the founder and director of Siblings Australia. For over 14 years she has developed resources and services for families and practitioners, and become a sought-after speaker in Australia and overseas on the benefits of sibling support. Siblings has been published in the US and the UK and translated into Korean. Kate grew up with a sister who had cerebral palsy.
Category Body/Mind/Spirit
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 148 mm
ISBN 9781743052334
Extent 272 pages
Price: AU$34.95 including GST
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