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The Silent Showman - ebook: epub

Michael Tallis, Joan Tallis

The Silent Showman - ebook: epub
George Tallis arrived in Australia as a 17-year-old immigrant in 1886, and rose to become head of J.C. Williamson Ltd, the world's largest entertainment organisation. This book is his story, an intriguing view of Australian entertainment between 1886 and 1938.

Michael Tallis, DSc, researched mathematical problems in genetics, biology and medicine, and is affiliated with the University of Adelaide. His wife, Joan Tallis, has extensive experience in genealogical and historical research work and enjoys a challenge. With respect to this book, the pair ‘started with nothing and came from nowhere’ as Melbourne Punch might have put it. Gradually, as the story unfolded, they became fascinated by the JC Williamson Firm. How did George Tallis fit into the kaleidoscope?
Category Biography/Autobiography/True Stories
Format Ebook - EPUB
Size 0 x 0 mm
ISBN 9781743052174
Extent 384 pages
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