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Sharks, the Sea and Me - ebook: epub

Rodney Fox

Sharks, the Sea and Me - ebook: epub
My life has been seven-tenths water, Rodney Fox tells us in his extraordinary story. Attacked and almost killed by a great white shark in 1963, spearfishing champion and insurance salesman Rodney Fox's life was changed. He overcame his fears and returned to the sea, determined to make his living there. In 1964, he built the first shark cages enabling divers to safely film and observe great white sharks in their own domain. Hollywood came calling.

Pioneer of abalone diving and whale shark diving industries, Rodney Fox has led hundreds of expeditions to introduce filmmakers, scientists, shark researchers and tourists to one of the world's great adventures - each endeavour adding grand stories to an exciting life.

Praise for Sharks, the Sea and Me
'This book is full of adventures, it is funny and at times sad ... an easy to read book which once started is difficult to put down. The book has some great photographs and is a real insight into the down-to-earth nature of a great man who took a terrifying ordeal and used it to become the one of the world’s most knowledgeable shark-research persons.' - Jane Savage, Global Media Post
Category Biography/Autobiography/True Stories
Format Ebook - EPUB
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ISBN 9781743052631
Extent 288 pages
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