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Dining Alone - ebook: epub

Stories from the table for one

Barbara Santich

Dining Alone - ebook: epub
In these short stories the table is a scene of revenge and nostalgic memories, self-realisation and self-indulgence, separations and new beginnings. In turn warm and witty, acerbic and compassionate, sad and joyful, the stories in Dining Alone demonstrate the rich possibilities that food brings to fiction.

Praise for Dining Alone:
'Champagne and truffles might mend a broken heart, but food cannot last. Writing about it does. Dining alone - with only wonderful (perhaps) food for company. And words. What bliss.' - Marion Halligan

'Dining alone is also a wonderful way to catch up on some reading, provided you don't drink too much. And in a case of life imitating art, the solo diner - particularly one interested in food and literature - might find him or herself reading Dining Alone.' - John Lethlean, Australian

'Reading this beguiling anthology is like dipping into a box of hand-crafted chocolates ... unwrap one delicious morsel and its hard to resist helping yourself to another.' - Janet Boileau, publisher, Taste & Travel Magazine

'An important contribution to a genre that has captured the public imagination.' - Seb, M/C Reviews

Barbara Santich has been teaching food writing at the University of Adelaide since 2007. An internationally respected culinary historian, she also teaches food history and culture. Her lastest book, Bold Palates: Australia's gastronomic heritage, was shortlisted in the Non-fiction category of the 2013 Prime Minister's Literary Awards.

Category Literature - Fiction
Format Ebook - EPUB
Size 210 x 135 mm
ISBN 9781743052709
Extent 176 pages
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