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Musth - ebook: epub

An African thriller

Fred Guilhaus

Musth - ebook: epub
A trusted Wildlife Fund with a corrupt agenda. Wall Street bankers eye yet another money-making opportunity. Dr Bridget O'Connor is exploited for her scientific credibility.

The elephant is poached to extinction in some parts of East Africa, but destroys its own environment in others.

Two men become her bedrock as Bridget O'Connor struggles with her own moral dilemmas. One is a Maasai caught up in the disintegration of his culture. The other is her maverick pilot.

Musth exposes modern Africa in its transition through corruption and exploitation of its own people. It sees the elephant and the Maasai as two sides of the same coin. How does the world preserve while it exploits?

Praise for Musth:
'Hard to put down ... A book I am happy to recommend to anyone with a taste for intrigue or layers of action in their reading.' - Leanne Caune, Glam Adelaide

'If you’re looking for a story abounding in high adventure, exotic locations, romance and political corruption, there’s drama aplenty in Fred Guilhaus’s intriguing and extremely well-researched tale.' - Mary Ann Elliot, The Chronicle

'Well-written, skilfully plotted and offers much to think about in the way that literary fiction does.' - Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers

'Musth is a thought provoking book with a well crafted plot containing interesting characters and an insight into what maybe occurs in the controversial issue of endangered wildlife.' - Ian Lipke, M/C Reviews

'A nifty plot and well-written.' - Rama Gaind, PS News

Dr Fred Guilhaus is a company director and writer. He lives in Adelaide.

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Category Literature - Fiction
Format Ebook - EPUB
Size 210 x 135 mm
ISBN 9781743053584
Extent 368 pages
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