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Tom Price - ebook: pdf

From stonecutter to Premier

Stephanie McCarthy

Tom Price - ebook: pdf
How is it possible that an impoverished Welsh stonecutter could rise to the position of the first Labor Premier of South Australia?

Born to an alcoholic father and an illiterate mother, Tom Price would overcome the daunting obstacles of the slums of Liverpool, become an apprentice at the age of nine, discover the value of education and, against the odds, marry the woman he loved. Immigrating to South Australia to seek remedy from stonecutters' lung disease, Tom and his family possessed nothing but a chest of belongings and determination to somehow make the world a happier place for working men and women.

Within three decades Tom as master mason would carve the columns of Parliament House before entering its chambers as a politician, feared by the conservatives and loved by the people.

Praise for Tom Price:
'In this excellently researched and tastefully written political biography Stephanie McCarthy has shown that Tom Price, the ex-stonecutter, had achieved his basic aim of improving the quality of life for a large number of people.' - Nic Klaassen, Flinders Ranges Research Journal

'McCarthy’s book shows that a biography that tells the life story well can be a better source of history on larger issues, such as the characteristics of the South Australian politics, than a history book itself.' - Todd Nicholls, The Biographer's Craft

'This remarkable new biography on Price will be nothing short of a revelation for many Australians.' - Marcus Beresford, Australian Opinions, Issue 81.

'A volume that deserves the attention of all those who are interested in how South Australia grew from an insignificant outpost of Empire to become, by the early 20th century, an example of progressive liberalism.' - G.P., ARPA News

'This book should please its readers on three levels. First, for its detailed depiction and analysis of State politics at the turn of the century. Second, for the very personal way the author portrays Tom, Annie and the labour and union luminaries of that time. Third, and not least, Tom’s qualities of courage, resourcefulness and good humour, coupled with his common-sense, warmth and empathy, which made him an exemplar of the true believers of that time.' - Greg Stevens, SA Labour History News

Stephanie McCarthy is a South Australian author who has been writing for the page, stage, screen and radio for 35 years. She has been a book reviewer and is a teacher of both adults and children, conducting creative writing workshops. This biography of Tom Price led her along an eight-year path of research in Wales, Liverpool and South Australia. Historians from Adelaide, Wales and even Cornwall have pitched in to share their knowledge. Notwithstanding, she remained determined to ensure that Tom the man springs as relevant from the page as if he were living amongst us today.

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