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Pictures in my Heart

Seeking refuge - Afghanistan to Australia

Fiona Hamilton, Julian Burnside

Pictures in my Heart
Pictures in my Heart explores the lives of a group of Afghan refugees who arrived in Australia by boat in 1999 and 2001. They lived and worked in the regional city of Murray Bridge in South Australia on Temporary Protection Visas while awaiting permanent protection. When an important figure in their community committed suicide, they began to participate in a health program that culminated in the artworks, stories and photographs in this book.

Pictures in my Heart is a deeply personal account of what these men and their families endured, both in Afghanistan and Australia, and how they persevered.

Praise for Pictures in my Heart
'Fiona Hamilton did a remarkable job in her work with these men, and ultimately with this stunning book. In it, she has produced something every Australian should read - even more so, those who use their public profile to spread untruths and hatred about asylum seekers.' - Monica Leahy, Glam Adelaide

'A stunningly beautiful book of heartfelt stories, delicate poems, and magnificent images give a genuine sense of the rich and ancient culture Afghan Hazaras are forced to flee. Their personal stories of terror, loss and grief, and the uncertainties of guaranteed safety, creates empathy and understanding of the plight of all refugees.' - Robin de Crespigny

'This delightful and remarkable book captures the experience of Hazara refugees, re-imagining and rebuilding their lives half a world away in South Australia. This is a story that combines tragedy with healing, and reminds us of the power of art to help the human spirit to endure and triumph.' - Tim Costello

'Pictures in my Heart is a beautiful book. Fiona Hamilton superbly captures, through the authentic voices of refugees in our midst, the mixed emotions of grief and hope, of anguish and joy, that characterise the refugee experience. The magnificent, wistful photographs of Afghanistan show why many refugees remain desperately homesick even as circumstances force them to seek protection in other parts of the world. This is a volume to savour.' - Professor William Maley
Category Arts, Architecture and Design
Format Paperback
Size 280 x 220 mm
ISBN 9781743053676
Extent 144 pages
Price: AU$39.95 including GST
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