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Red Silk - ebook: epub

The life of Elliott Johnston QC

Penelope Debelle

Red Silk - ebook: epub
Elliott Johnston is a working class hero. He and Elizabeth Johnston became Communists in 1941 and he resigned only to join the South Australian Supreme Court Bench. His appointment as Queen's Counsel by the Dunstan Government - after his controversial rejection by the former government of Steele Hall - was the highest public office attained by a Communist in Australia. In 1991 he made his national mark as head of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

From extensive discussions with Elliott Johnston and access to his private papers and documents, Penelope Debelle has compiled the biography of a committed intellectual who studied at Chairman Mao's international Communist school, visited Soviet Russia before and after the fall of Stalin, and sat a few feet from Pablo Picasso at the 1950 Peace Congress in Warsaw. As the dream of Communism faded, Elliott held onto his faith. He used the law to improve the rights of injured workers by pursuing compensation cases through the courts, setting new standards for employer responsibility and winning the respect of the profession as an outstanding criminal lawyer.

Praise for Red Silk
'His colourful, successful and honourable life is well chronicled in this biography.' - Graham Fricke, Law Institute Journal

'She leaves us in no doubt that Elliott Johnston has made a lasting and significant contribution to this country.' - Christine Salins, PSnews

Penelope Debelle is an award-winning journalist who began her career at The News in Adelaide. In 1983 she moved to Melbourne and worked as a political reporter at The Herald, then as Melbourne writer for Good Weekend magazine. In 1995, after the birth of her daughter, Honey, she returned to Adelaide where she worked as Adelaide correspondent for The Age for a decade. In 2008 she joined SA Weekend magazine at The Advertiser as a senior writer, winning the SA Press Club 2009 Gold Award for a feature on former South Australian Premier, John Bannon. In 2010 she won the National Press Club Engineer’s Australia award for an article on maths. She has a Bachelor of Economics degree from Flinders University (Hons arts).

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