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Places Women Make

Unearthing the contribution of women to our cities

Jane Jose

Places Women Make
Places Women Make tells stories of women shaping the Australian city - its buildings, spaces, and social and political agendas.

Jane Jose takes a fresh look at city life, great places and the unsung urban heroines who made them. She explores the design of cities, the places we need and suggests urban life would be richer if women play more of a role in city design.

Places Women Make honours women place-makers from history, while speaking to a new generation of designers about the possibilities to come.

Winner of the National 2016 Bates Smart Award for Architecture in Media

Praise for Places Women Make:
'Awarded for its potential as a catalyst the jury hopes that this book will encourage more stories and insights into the contribution of women not part of this telling.' - 2016 Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media.

'What I enjoyed most about the book are the stories about projects, big and small, that women have initiated, some known to me, but many not. I enjoyed reading about Australia’s cities and what local women have fought for in them ... A fascinating book written by a woman passionate and clearly knowledgeable about her subject.' - Sue Terry, Whispering Gums

'An interesting book, one that will make most people reappraise their ideas about city design and architecture.' - Lisa Hill, ANZ Litlovers Litblog

'An inspiring book.' - Marie, The Big Book Club

'Hopefully Places Women Make will inspire other women to become aware that more of the doors are opening and it is time for more Australian women to take up that challenge and to pursue a different approach to those of the still dominant boys’ clubs. Given that equity is yet to be seriously addressed within the Australian workforces, this book is a timely the celebration of achievements to date.' - Paul Costigan, A Word or Two

'A thought provoking homage to the contributions that women have made to our cities over generations ... An enjoyable and enlightening read!' - John Ovenden, Weekender Herald

'Informed and readable ... This is a very interesting and enlightening book, sure to provide inspiration to others and promote a better understanding of the importance of good city design.' - Julie Wells, ReadPlus

'Jane Jose has written Places Women Make at exactly the right time. The city of the future is now our living room. Any woman who wants to change her world can start by picking up this book.' - Wendy McCarthy, author and business woman

'At last a book about how women have shaped our cities. If only women had more influence on city making! Places Women Make reminds me how much we are missing out on.' - Charles Landry, urbanist and planner

'Proof positive that women should have an equal place in the design of our cities.' - Rama Gaind, PS News

'Places Women Make is a great start on an important on-going conversation about building our cities from fractured past to positive future and I commend Jose's book for opening the discussion so vitally.' - Pamela Greet, 4ZZZ

Jane Jose is an urbanist who has worked in the world of planners and architects. She was elected as an independent Deputy Lord Mayor of Adelaide in 1991. Since then she has worked closely with leaders in many Australian cities developing policies to make our cities more liveable. She cares deeply about urban places and spaces and how they improve people’s lives.

Jose graduated from the University of Adelaide and joined the ABC as a news journalist. She later wrote a weekly opinion column on city issues in South Australia. In 1996 she joined HASSELL architects and designers working in community engagement. Since then she has written urban policy documents including the village plans for the City of Sydney.

Jose has been appointed to committees and boards with responsibility for major city development. In 2014 she was appointed as CEO of Sydney Community Foundation, an independent not for profit foundation and runs the Sydney Women’s Fund. The mission of the foundation is to strengthen community life and help people to thrive in Australia’s largest city.

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Category Arts, Architecture and Design
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 135 mm
ISBN 9781743053942
Extent 224 pages
Price: AU$29.95 including GST
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