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The Hounded

Simon Butters

The Hounded
Eliza wasn't at the bus stop that morning. The bus drove right on past and all Eliza's friends peered out to see where she'd gone. It was a mystery. A scandal. Eliza's disappearance was the hottest trending topic online. People knew something was up, but what?

Nobody knew she was with me, Montgomery Ferguson, the lowest of the low. So it was that I first got to hang out with Eliza Robertson, the hottest girl in school with a heart of sheer contempt.

I couldn't have been happier.

On his fifteenth birthday, Monty is at rock bottom. Ignored by his parents, bullied at school, and with a brain that's prone to going walkabout, he's all by himself. Until he meets the black dog for the first time.

It's just like any other dog, except that only Monty can see it. And it talks. And Monty's not sure whether it's a friend - or a foe. But the black dog gets him talking to pretty, popular Eliza Robertson for the first time. It takes him to places he's never been. And eventually it will take him, and the people around him, to the very edge.

The Hounded is a book about depression and working out who you really are, from one of Australia's most prolific children's television writers.

Longlisted for the Children's Book Council of Australia's 2017 Book of the Year for Older Readers

Shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Awards 2017 Griffith University Young Adult Book Award

Praise for The Hounded:
'Highly original and clever' - Judges' comments, Queensland Literary Awards

'Well-paced and written ... I found myself putting the book down, remembering people who I have known and who have experienced similar issues in their lives and then being drawn back to it to see how Monty overcomes each new obstacle.' - Leanne Caune, Glam Adelaide

'An offbeat and deeply moving story of fractured family and friendship ... multi-layered and crucially contemporary.' - Katharine England, Advertiser

'Iíve rarely come across creative pieces of work where there is such a solid metaphor for mental illness or suicide. The Dog makes you think and I like that.' - Aasma, Infinity Reads

'Monty was such an unique and charismatic character and I loved his voice throughout. ... I would recommend this book to fans of Wonder. 4.5/5' - Courtney, Bookworm8921

'Illusion and reality, bullying and exclusion, mental illness and suicide are all explored in this intriguing story of an outcast boy.' - A. Soutter, Scan

'A captivating and courageous understanding of mental illness.' - Diva Booknerd

Simon Butters is a screenwriter for film and television. His credits include: Wicked Science, H20 Just Add Water and Mako: Island of Secrets among others. He lives in the Adelaide Hills with his two hilarious kids, a very busy wife, and a scruffy little dog that definitely doesnít talk but does do a weird grunt when you pat her behind the ear.

The Hounded is Simonís first novel. It was shortlisted for the 2014 Adelaide Festival Unpublished Manuscript Award.

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Category Literature - Fiction
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 135 mm
ISBN 9781743053959
Extent 288 pages
Price: AU$24.95 including GST
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