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One and All

Labor and the radical tradition in South Australia

Philip Payton

One and All
In this vivid account of the radical tradition in the Labor movement in South Australia, Philip Payton shows how the many thousands of people who emigrated from Cornwall to the newly-established colony in the nineteenth century brought their way of life with them. Overwhelmingly Methodist in religion, and united by their motto 'One and All', these Cornish migrants settled in the copper-mining districts of Burra, Kapunda and northern Yorke Peninsula. Here they laid the foundations for early trade unionism and an emergent Labor Party, culminating in 1910 in the Premiership of John Verran (a Cornish miner) who formed the very first social democratic Labor government anywhere in the world. Contributing to the unique character of Labor in South Australia, the Cornish helped craft the State's distinctive radical tradition, an enduring impact which Don Dunstan readily acknowledged in the 1970s and 1980s, and whose legacy is still apparent in the early twenty-first century.

Praise for One and All:
'Thoroughly-researched and very readable.' - Derek R. Williams, The Cornish Banner

'There is much to ponder and perhaps to learn from this welcome book.' - Jude Elton, SA Labour History News

'Philip Payton brings his incomparable knowledge of Cornish and South Australian history to this important and lively account, revealing a South Australian Labor Party shaped powerfully by migration, Methodism and mining. At last, we have a book that does justice to a political organisation that has exercised a remarkable and surprising influence over the making of modern Australia. A distinguished contribution to Australian Labor history.' - Associate Professor Frank Bongiorno, School of History, Australian National University

'This is a valuable contribution to Australian labor and political history, and the history of SA. It presents a unique view of the state’s history from the Cornish copper-mining towns of the mid-north, but at the same time is an original, well-researched history of the state’s Labor movement and party. The book is well written, enriched by Payton’s unrivalled knowledge of Cornish history, and will certainly reward readers beyond Australia interested in labor movements.' - Angela Woollacott, Journal of Labor and Society

'Contributes importantly to the history of radical political traditions in Australia, explains the distinctiveness of South Australia, and cements the transnational importance of the migration and mobility of workers in shaping their societies.' - Diane Kirby, Australian Historical Studies

Philip Payton is Professor of History at Flinders University, as well as Adjunct Professor in the National Centre for Australian Studies at Monash University and Emeritus Professor of Cornish and Australian Studies at the University of Exeter (where he was Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies from 1991 to 2013). He completed his first doctorate at the University of Adelaide in 1978, and is an Hon. Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. Recent books include The Maritime History of Cornwall (edited with Alston Kennerley and Helen Doe) and Australia in the Great War. This volume, One and All: Labor and the radical tradition in South Australia, was commissioned by the Don Dunstan Foundation and assisted by the Office of the Premier of South Australia.

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Category History
Format Paperback
Size 234 x 156 mm
ISBN 9781743054307
Extent 376 pages
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