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Workshopping the Heart - ebook: pdf

New and selected poems

Jeri Kroll

Workshopping the Heart - ebook: pdf
This witty, moving and accessible collection gathers poems from six previous books, beginning with Death as Mr Right, which won second prize in the 1982 Anne Elder Award for best first poetry book in Australia. With irony and frankness, Jeri Kroll workshops the complex relationships that individuals establish over the course of a lifetime with friends and family, as well as with the physical and social environments that shape them. In particular, she tackles the significance of parenthood, gender and ageing.

The collection contains a substantial amount of new work, including extracts from Kroll's verse novel, Vanishing Point, which has been adapted for the stage in the United States and has been short-listed for the 2015 Queensland Literary Awards.

Praise for Workshopping the Heart:
'Drawing upon personal and intimate connections, the poems contain highly descriptive language that evokes a range of issue including the risks facing young people, urban lifestyles and a search for identity ... With its beauty and wit, this thought-provoking collection presents a gratifying reading experience.' H. Gardiner, SCAN online journal for educators

'... readings from The Mother Workshops would superbly complement and enrich texts by Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Simone de Beauvoir and Virginia Woolf.' – Anne Magee, Viewpoint

'The painful ambivalence of ageing's inverted parent/child relationship ... is brilliantly captured ... The toughness of truth tempered throughout by tenderness, this is a perceptive and beautifully balanced tribute.' – Katharine England, Advertiser

'... there is a strength and vigour in her best poems that make the work of many of her contemporaries seem enervated and vapid. Her characteristic style is direct and forthright, engaging the reader immediately and sustaining that engagement by taut rhythms, metaphoric inventiveness and ironic wit.' – Bev Roberts, Australian Book Review

'Lyric, tough and spare ... Kroll’s concision and her talent for arresting imagery is apparent.' - Aiden Coleman, Cordite Poetry Review

‘Kroll experiments at the nexus of lyric and narrative ... Workshopping the Heart develops out of emotional material such as this, from what lies close to a personal core and also to the visceral pulse of a human body. Seeing and understanding ''what is still there'', despite loss, despite damage, despite knowledge that the heart will one day stop, this is the vital stuff of poetry: what makes the imperfect experience of life so worth noticing and valuing.' - Rose Lucas, Australian Book Review

'In a postmodernist world of questioning narratives, Kroll produces transparent poetry of experience. She is in and of the world. She registers the contours of the world around her with a sensual delight.' - Tina Giannoukos, TEXT

Jeri Kroll has published over twenty books for adults and young people, including poetry, picture books and novels. Her most recent are a chapbook of children’s poems, Swamp Soup (Picaro Press, 2012), and Research Methods in Creative Writing (Palgrave Macmillan), co-edited with Graeme Harper. A staged reading of Vanishing Point (verse novel) was held at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts ‘Page to Stage’ Festival (2011) in Washington, DC, and the book was published by Puncher and Wattman in 2014. Jeri Kroll is Professor of English and Creative Writing and Dean of Graduate Research at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

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