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Taking a Punt

A male dilemma

Peter Endersbee

Taking a Punt
'If you do nothing it will kill you!' thundered the surgeon.

Peter Endersbee, musician, photographer, surfer and former football star, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and confronted that terrifying dilemma - proceed with surgery and face the prospect of impotence, or wait and see. In Taking a Punt, Peter Endersbee breaks the silence to share the story of a surgery that threatened his identity, providing a voice for men facing the dilemma - and for the baffled women in their lives. For, at its heart, Taking a Punt is a love story, and a celebration of the courage to remain a sexual being.

Peter Endersbee was born in Adelaide in 1949 and studied and played football there before moving to Melbourne in 1977 to become a semi-professional musician and teach English at Footscray Technical School. In 1989 he gained selection to the Swinburne Film School. Returning to Adelaide in the 1990s he wrote scripts for ABC radio, which he performed live on Keith Conlonís program. After moving to Sydney, Peter worked as a professional photographer but concentrated on writing after winning the Varuna Fellowship for this memoir.

In August 2015, while living in Cornwall with his partner Jo, Peter collapsed while playing tennis. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, unrelated to his prostate cancer, and died in June 2016.

'Long before Eddie Betts, it was Peter Endersbeeís pocket', writes Bruce McAvaney. 'That grand final, those two checkside goals, moments of football magic still vivid after all these years.'

Peter Endersbee completed an Arts degree (Hons) in literature and drama at Flinders University, and at the same time was a Sturt footballer during its 'Golden Era' of five consecutive premierships, playing in the last three and kicking two legendary checkside goals in 1968.

Praise for Taking a Punt:
'A deeply personal, confronting account of what itís like for a man to face up to the most terrifying of dilemmas.' - Peter Cornwall, The Advertiser

'An amazing exploration of masculinity and prostate cancer.' - Barry Nicholls, ABC Bunbury

'I came to understand that as with any loss, there is a rollercoaster of emotions, and most particularly grief and anxiety over loss of identity. Endersbee is in fact very brave in revealing his struggle, putting it into words that can be shared with others undergoing the same trauma, breaking the silence about secret men's business. This incredibly honest book would be helpful to anyone facing a similar situation, and also helpful to family and friends trying to understand and be supportive.' - Helen Eddy, ReadPlus

'Searingly honest and deeply moving ... This is an important and necessary book. Moreover, not just for men who may be facing prostate cancer and a recommended prostatectomy. Partners need to also read it for its clear representation of the kinds of issues that men face in this situation, their fears and anxieties ... This is a book that needs to be on every manís book shelf. If not for their own use, then to pass on.' - Christopher Bantick, The Weekly Times

'Anyone who faces this situation will benefit from reading this book. It is brutal in its integrity but factual and reassuring.' - The Chronicle, Toowoomba

'[Peter's] searing words ring with fierce honesty that provide rare insight to the anguish of a man dealing with prostate cancer. It isn't a "how to" book, nor does it put a happy face on the consequences of surgery, but gives voice to a traumatic experience encountered by about 20,000 Australian men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year ... There's brutal frankness as he voices his frustrations, anxiety and confusion about his relationships with others - especially his partner and family - and with himself. But ultimately there's tenderness and truth in his aching honesty.' - David Sly, SA Life

'Frequently very confronting, as a story of prostate cancer must be, but also moving, disturbing and convincing.' - Brian Matthews

'A book for all the men who have real trouble sharing their thoughts and feelings and then get overwhelmed in the face of that initial raised PSA. Not to mention their wives/partners who suffer with them.' - Judy Kent

'For one who has experienced the aftermath of this men's cancer, Taking A Punt is a must read. Peter Endersbee has provided an incredible insight into the physical, emotional and social impacts this insidious disease has on so many men.' - David Parkin, OAM

'This is a compelling, confrontingly honest, totally absorbing book. Every man (and his partner) must read it.' - Graham Cornes

'We are all the richer for having it ... Peter weaves a telling narrative that rolls like fiction but is cased in hard fact. And a lot of the facts deal with him wrestling with impotency. It's blunt, frank, but reassuringly honest.' - Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

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Category Biography/Autobiography/True Stories
Format Paperback
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ISBN 9781743054093
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