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Man of the Moment - ebook: epub

Ken Clezy

Man of the Moment - ebook: epub
Magnus Anderson, a world-weary Sydney obstetrician separated from his wife, is smitten by Sally, a beautiful but straitlaced Australian midwife. On her way to a woefully under-staffed mission hospital in Africa she convinces Magnus to join her as a short-term volunteer, despite his doubts.

Life in the confines of a hospital compound is a stark contrast to sophisticated Sydney. He faces the challenges of mission work in a Muslim land, opinionated colleagues, and an outspoken Islamist trainee specialist. And he continues to be drawn to Sally, fascinating but less responsive than he would like.

Just as Magnus settles into mission life, a tragedy in Sydney brings him home. Will this give him the clarity he needs to resolve the issues that plague him?

Ken Clezy, AM, OBE, spent most of a long professional career in the developing world, specialising in the reconstructive surgery of leprosy. He was awarded the International Medal of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and is an honorary member of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia. His memoir Now in Remission (Wakefield Press) was published in 2012. Man of the Moment is his first novel.

Praise for Man of the Moment:
'I just finished your novel and it was EXCELLENT. I loved how you wove into your story facts about the Islamic world and MBBs, fascinating OB/GYN surgeries, and Christians living out their convictions. Throughout the book, I  thought Magnus self-centered but in that last paragraph when he said, "Cilla," I saw a man who really would do the right thing! I enjoyed the glimpses of Jibla Hospital and compound life too!' - Martha

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Category Literature - Fiction
Format Ebook: EPUB
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743054352
Extent 384 pages
Price: AU$17.95 including GST
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