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Clever Cooks Package

Clever Cooks Package 
Australians have always been passionate about food. Whet your appetite with gastronomic tour of South Africa and Lebanon with Mezze to Milk Tart. Then, head down over to South Australia to explore our almond industry with the stories and recipes in the brand new Willunga Almonds. Keep going and tour the tastes of the infamous Barossa Valley with Barossa Food. Finally, end on a sweet note with easy-to-make, seasonal cake recipes from the South Australian Country Women's Association's Calendar of Cakes.
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Mezze to Milk Tart

Regular Price: AU$24.95

Willunga Almonds

Regular Price: AU$39.95

Barossa Food

Regular Price: AU$39.95

Calendar of Cakes

Regular Price: AU$29.95