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Mallee Boys - ebook: pdf

Charlie Archbold

Mallee Boys - ebook: pdf
Sometimes I feel like I'm neither one thing nor another. I live in the Mallee but I don't like the desert. I live on a farm but I get hay fever and I'm scared of goats. I like school but my best mates don't. I'm stuck between stuff. It's like I'm not meant to be here but I am.

Sandy Douglas knows that life at fifteen is hard, but it's even harder when your mother died a year ago and nothing's gone right since. His brother Red, on the other hand, is eighteen now and working the farm. He's amped up on rage and always looking for a fight. And then there's their dad Tom. He does his best, but - really - he doesn't have a clue.

As Sandy and Red deal with girls, dirt biking, footy and friendship, both boys have to work out who they want to be, without their mum around. The Mallee, where they live, may seem like the middle of nowhere, but it turns out this is going to be one hell of a year.

Praise for Mallee Boys:
'A well-paced and ultimately suspenseful tale full of convincing and engaging characters.' - Katherine England, Advertiser

'Only a teacher/writer like Charlie Archbold could produce a book like this. Those among us who have taught in country towns as young teachers will recognise the character types and the sorts of activities that young kids get up to. Archbold’s teaching under the skies in the bush provides the authenticity that her tale of the Mallee Boys must have.' - Ian Lipke, Queensland Reviewers Collective

'The Australian agricultural community of The Mallee is atmospheric and Charlie Archbold is an exceptional debut author. A dedication to rural communities throughout our sunburnt country.' - divabooknerd

'A wrenching, real story about grief and survival.' - Claire Saxby, Aussie Reviews

'A story of love, mateship, growing up in the country and chasing your dreams. While a YA book, it's engaging for adults, who will be transported back to those awkward teenage years and may find it's hard to fight back that lump in the throat at the climactic end. A hidden gem.' - Shelley Hadfield, Herald Sun

'Charlie Archibold ... explores masculinity with great perceptiveness and verisimilitude. It's a novel that teenage boys will recognise themselves in - a feat difficult for any writer to achieve.' - Cameron Woodhead, Age/Sydney Morning Herald

'I liked the way that awkwardness, lack of confidence and heart-ache were portrayed so realistically within a plot which presented every-day rural life simply and unapologetically ... This refreshing and intelligent story suits readers 13 and over.' - Rob Welsh, ReadPlus

Charlie Archbold was born in London. She completed a degree in drama before training as a teacher and has worked as an educator for twenty-five years. She recently completed a Master of Education in Studies of Asia. After travelling extensively she settled in Australia and lives with her family in Adelaide. The inspiration for Mallee Boys came from her experiences working and living in the unique Murray Mallee region of Australia. Mallee Boys is her first novel.

Winner of the 2016 Adelaide Festival Unpublished Manuscript Award
Category Children's and Teenage
Format Ebook: PDF
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743055021
Extent 216 pages
Price: AU$14.95 including GST
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