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All the Kings' Men

A history of the Hindmarsh Cricket Club

Denis Brien

All the Kings' Men
All the Kings' Men records the story of the oldest continuously operating cricket club still in existence in South Australia - the Hindmarsh Cricket Club which now operates under the name of West Torrens - and the stories of the people who built it.

This book also traces the evolution of Club cricket in the Adelaide metropolitan area from the birth of the colony until 1900. It highlights the development of cricket through significant and progressive changes in society, such as industrial relations, transport, education, the telegraph, the press, politics, class and the economy.

All the Kings' Men teases out the social impacts of cricket in the new colony of South Australia and, in particular, the western suburbs of Adelaide, providing insights into the hardships that the working class endured to play competitive sport. The text profiles many of these players, and the detailed statistical records highlight the talented cricketers of the nineteenth century, such as Arthur Harwood Jarvis, the first South Australian cricketer to represent Australia.

Praise for All the Kings' Men
'The chief excellence of All the Kings' Men is presenting cricket in the context of working life ... Despite its conformity with certain formulae of the club history such as scores and averages, All the Kings' Men goes a worthwhile step further, and could easily be a model ... Denis Brien rather shows up the pros.' - Gideon Haigh, Australian

Winner of the Australian Cricket Society Literary Award for 2017-2018 (the Jack Pollard Trophy)

Denis Brien has been a lover of cricket and its history since school. He is a former 1st-grade player, administrator and has coached state women's and junior men's teams. Denis worked as a teacher and student counsellor and became a cricket historian on retirement. His keen interest in South Australia's first international representative inspired him to write this history. He has also written publications on counselling, environmental studies and cricket and education history. He and his wife Noaline live at Fulham Gardens in South Australia.
Category History
Format Paperback
Size 234 x 156 mm
ISBN 9781743055182
Extent 360 pages
Price: AU$49.95 including GST
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