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Like New Wine

A Christian romance

Ken Clezy

Like New Wine
Obstetrician Magnus Anderson, enticed to work in a mission hospital in Africa by the beautiful Sally Harms, is reluctantly back in Sydney. His estranged wife is critically ill and needs his support; Sally lives half a world away. Only a chance meeting reunites them and as old friends they feel a spark grow. But challenges remain. With his wife recovering, and Sally refusing to marry a non-Christian, Magnus is forced to not only question his ruined marriage, but his lack of faith as well.

Like New Wine is the absorbing story of a successful but world-weary man who discovers God, or rather, is discovered by God, and whose life is altered in many surprising ways.

Ken Clezy, AM OBE, is a surgeon whose vocation has taken him many places, not all of them safe. When three colleagues were shot dead at a Yemen mission hospital he escaped only because he had gone home for breakfast. In Port Moresby, where Ken Clezy was the first professor of surgery at the University of Papua New Guinea, doctors and nurses still say, 'Mr Clezy did it this way.'

Like New Wine is Clezy's third book and a sequel to Man of the Moment. It follows Magnus Anderson after his adventures in Africa.
Category Literature - Fiction
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743055144
Extent 248 pages
Price: AU$29.95 including GST
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