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Christopher Barnett

'... a work of raw, brutal power and of intense spiritual refinement, as visual and visceral as it is delicate and sensuous ... a tumult of battle for soul, for survival. All the while the sense is one of standing alongside the teller, listening as [the poet] proclaims what the edge of life and the threat of the void ahead most utterly feels like. Immense forces are ranged against the small, the human, the chances of victory seem forbidding, but all the while there is also an unyielding effort to wrestle them at least to a halt.' - Angelo Loukakis

'Barnett, like any great poet deserving of the title, is admired and loved for his revolutionary stance against regimes imposed on humans. Now, with Horsey he deconstructs the regime of language, the regime of narrative, and of syntax itself. What results is the humanimal caught in the headlights, stripped naked and glorious.' - Brentley Frazer

Praise for Horsey:
'There are references to the Maralinga bombs, nuclear weapons, war and death, as the words of the poet describe devastation and ruin ... Powerful.' - Helen Eddy, Read Plus

Christopher Barnett began writing poetry aged 14. He participated deeply in the movement against the Vietnam war; that political commitment has remained.

From the early seventies in Adelaide to France from 1990 to the present, he has conducted writing workshops and continues this work with communities in difficulty. His theatre work is performed in Europe, Australia and Latin America. He and his work have been the subject of French, Swedish and Australian film documentaries.

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Category Literature - Poetry
Format Paperback
Size 234 x 156 mm
ISBN 9781743055212
Extent 296 pages
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