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And My Heart Crumples Like a Coke Can

Ali Whitelock

And My Heart Crumples Like a Coke Can
Raw and beautiful and completely devoid of pretension, Ali Whitelock's poems will speak to anyone who's ever messed up, been confused, wished they'd done things differently; to anyone who's had an affair and regretted it, who's been loved completely but was too blind to see it.

Praise for and my heart crumples like a coke can
'As in a stand-up routine, these poems offer sharp social observation, frankness played for laughs and nourishing doses of swearing. And as with the best poetry, they refresh our language, pay homage to tradition as the generative source of art, and surprise and delight as wit slides into beauty or pathos ... Whitelockís gifts to poetry are many. These include showing how poetry doesnít have to be written for a minority in order to be first-rate.' - KN, The Saturday Paper

'I started reading and my heart crumples like a coke can on the train home last night and I just finished it this morning. I LOVED it. Especially, 'in kuntry where sun is never stopping shining'. I had tears streaming down my face (and again now as I write this). Beautiful, beautiful words, thank you for sharing them with the world.' - Lauren McWhirter, producer, ABC Sydney Evenings with Christine Anu

'The evocative title and my heart crumples like a coke can struck a chord with me, and I knew I was going to enjoy reading Whitelock's poems ... It is a slim book, easy to pick up, read, and return to again. My husband, who does not usually read poetry but happened to pick it up, has his bookmark at a different page to mine. We're taking turns reading.' - Helen Eddy, ReadPlus

'Ali Whitelock writes a poetry of excoriating tenderness. These poems wake you. They are conversations with a better best friend than you ever had. One who lets you do all the talking and then picks up the cheque. ... Whitelock is Bukowski with a Glaswegian accent and nicer wardrobe. She is Sharon Olds with better manners.' - Mark Tredinnick, author, poet and Montreal International Poetry Prize Winner 2011

'The kind of poetry that I want to re-read even before I have finished reading it.' - Edward Crossan, poetry editor, Birlinn Books

ĎAn outstanding book of poetry. Intelligent but accessible. Down to earth stories but still poetic. Punk but still classy.í Daniel Watson, Dymocks Adelaide

'Youíll be stung and pierced and sad and bursting out in cackles on the bus as you laugh and drown in Ali Whitelockís wild ocean of crumpled coke cans, snobby bookshops, panic attacks and Borat mankinis. In these times when antipodean poetry is dominated by stay-in-line competition poets I find this collection by Ali Whitelock honest, invigorating and refreshing. Iím putting this book right on my top shelf of favourite poetry published in Australia.' - Dr Brentley Fraser

'This is one of my favourite collections of poetry. These poems are conversations between Whitelock and herself, Whitelock and her peoples and places, Whitelock and you, the reader, but they are also, because of what is at the root of her poetry, conversations between you and yourself. Somehow, (I donít know how), she knows how to draw you completely into it all ... I can say with total sincerity that I feel like Iím a better person for having read this brilliant book of poems.' - Edward O'Dwyer, Glasgow Review of Books

'The poetry manages to be both pithy and almost hysterically funny, not an easy mix to achieve, but that is how life works: the paradox of what we carry and what we experience in each moment. Whitelock captures this duality perfectly, taking a stand-up comedianís incision to pretension and human foibles.... and my heart crumples like a coke can reads very quickly, like confession, with a performative cadence that rings in the head as you read it, ... but the poems are also self-referential, clever, carefully refined and condensed. The book is heart-wrenching and in ways I canít quite explicate, entirely affirming.' - Magdalena Ball, The Compulsive Reader

'These poems are courageous, and often heartbreaking, sometimes laugh out loud funny, and reveal the strength of Whitelockís character.' - Wendy J Dunn, Other Terrain Journal

'One of the wittiest, liveliest and most moving collections Iíve read in recent years. These poems are sassy, heart-wrenching and unforgettable. They evoke the best of Bukowski and Ginsberg while being the unique product of a contemporary female mind, a mind that is hilarious, provocative and - remarkable. Reading this collection made me feel like I was at a book festival, stand-up comedy night and therapy session all at once. Every poem is an event.' - Kevin MacNeil, author of The Brilliant and Forever

'A poetry book with titles including: 'My friend's vagina', 'Ode to an ovary', 'Eventually you will turn fifty' and 'Please do not pee in the sink', gets my vote for book of the year!' - Leanne Neill, author of Blue Lotus

'Just started reading and my heart crumples like a coke can by Ali Whitelock and it's amazing! I have laughed out loud and shed a tear already and I'm only 4 poems in. This is poetry I can enjoy and appreciate. At university we did the whole analysis to paralysis thing with poetry and I'll be honest, it put me off. Ali Whitelock, you have re-engaged me with poetry which is a lovely surprise. Thoroughly enjoying your wit and wisdom. Such skilled writing!' Catherine Alexandra, author of Dancing Through Fire

As featured in the Sydney Morning Herald's 'What to Read in 2018'

They say those born overseas will always ache for the sky under which they were born. Ali Whitelockís particular bit of sky hovers above Scotland and spends most of its time obscured by clouds almost permanently pregnant with rain, hail, occasionally snow. Her first book, Poking Seaweed with a Stick and Running Away from the Smell, was published to critical acclaim in Australia and the UK. A few years later, after an abrupt life lesson, she stumbled upon Mary Oliverís Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? and took the decision to give up her spectacularly boring day job in order to write full-time. is her first poetry collection. Her poems have appeared in newspapers, magazines and journals in Australia, the UK and the USA, which Ali very much enjoys telling anyone whoíll listen. She currently lives in Sydney.
Category Literature - Poetry
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743055342
Extent 102 pages
Price: AU$22.95 including GST
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