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This Life in Rhymes and Riddles

Heather Caddick

This Life in Rhymes and Riddles
Heather Caddick wrote this personal saga in rhyme, beginning with her grandfather sailing to South Africa with his horse to fight the Boers, her uncle's story of Tobruk, and her father's experience as one of 'Those Ragged Bloody Heroes' of the Kokoda Trail.

The 1950s brought childhood freedoms unheard of before the war. There were the rebellious 60s, women seeking new roles in the 70s, and with each decade there are insights into humanity's complexity, the wonders of the natural world and wildlife, and Heather's passion for us to work as a global village to conserve this magical planet we call home.

Born and raised in Adelaide, Heather Caddick has had a diverse career spanning kindergarten teaching to stockbroking and investment. She has always been passionate about voluntary work, encompassing wildlife and humanitarian causes in Africa. When she is not travelling, she lives in Adelaide with her husband, Alfie.

Heather is the author of For the Love of Rhinos (and this life), and The Road Less Travelled (and being curious). This Life in Rhymes and Riddles is her first book of poetry.
Category Literature - Poetry
Format Hardback
Size 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 9781743055724
Extent 78 pages
Price: AU$29.95 including GST
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