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Servants Depots in Colonial South Australia

Marie Steiner

Servants Depots in Colonial South Australia
Marie Steiner's Servants Depots in Colonial South Australia is a fascinating account of a little-known period in South Australian history.

In 1855 the colony of South Australia experienced 'excessive female immigration', with large numbers of single females arriving from the British Isles to work as servants. When an economic downturn led to a shortage of domestic help positions, the Colonial Government was moved to establish servants depots around South Australia to house them. The book details the day-to-day running of these depots, and reveals much about the attitudes towards women in colonial South Australia.

Marie Steiner was born in Port Augusta, and grew up in the pine forests of the south-east of South Australia. She later studied at the Elder Conservatorium and University of Adelaide. She has worked for many years in the welfare area, in South Australia and the Northern Territory, where she became familiar with the appalling conditions endured by some women, and developed an interest in the history of women's rights.
Category History
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743055786
Extent 172 pages
Price: AU$24.95 including GST
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