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The making of men

Nicholas Newland

In an iconic Adelaide mansion, Simpson Newland raised five sons to fulfil a 'manly' ideal, his expectations a partial reflection of Victorian-era Australia and also an insight into the Newland family itself. Marra chronicles their important contributions as medical professionals, sportsmen, authors, businessmen, politicians and soldiers, to South Australia's history and community.

Nicholas Newland, AM, was born in Adelaide in 1948 and is a fifth generation South Australian. His interest in the five sons of Simpson was ignited by his wanting to find out more about his grandfather, the youngest of the sons of Simpson and Jane Newland. His research uncovered more than he expected. Ironically he found out relatively little about his grandfather but a great deal about his grandfather's brothers.

All Simpson and Jane's children were brought up in the Victorian era, where, in their parent's eyes, men were expected to be men - hence the subtitle. The name 'Marra' remains obscure though it has been used several times by various Newland families over succeeding generations. It is of some comfort that some things remain secrets; we don’t need to know everything!

Nicholas and his wife Suzanne have four sons, all of whom, along with siblings and cousins, will learn something of their antecedents from this book.
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743057056
Extent 236 pages
Price: AU$29.95 including GST
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