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The Decline of the Tea Lady

Management for dissidents

Jenny Stewart

The Decline of the Tea Lady
We spend most of our lives in organisations, yet most of what is written about them obscures more than it reveals. The Decline of the Tea Lady takes a light-hearted yet penetrating look behind the facade of management to reveal the far more interesting world beyond.

Praise for The Decline of the Tea Lady:
'Jenny Stewart's book does not depend on abstract nouns, character-forming citations or that general shortage of full stops which represents a greater threat to human comfort than the disappearing hydrocarbon. Rather it makes its point by anecdote and illustration, and by the creation of images, from the tea-lady we all remember, the world of blah and guru, of quiz show and of volunteers and bureaucracies big and small. It's all the more powerful for that.' - Jack Waterford, Editor in Chief, The Canberra Times

A former public servant, Dr Jenny Stewart has published widely in the fields of public policy and public sector management, and is also well-known for her articles on current issues in management and policy in Quadrant and The Canberra Times.

Category Business, Education and Reference
Format Paperback
Other information
Size 215 x 143 mm
ISBN 9781862546110
Extent 208 pages
Price: AU$19.95 including GST
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