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The Hobbit Trap

Money, fame, science and the discovery of a 'new species'

Maciej Henneberg, John Schofield

The Hobbit Trap
When the remains of a tiny hominid were found on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2004, they were claimed to be a totally new species of human ancestor, nicknamed the 'Hobbit'. International scientist Professor Maciej Henneberg believed something wasn't quite right - and he wasn't the only one. The Hobbit Trap describes how the case against the 'new species' theory developed, and examines modern pressures which have put academia under the hammer and resulted in a decline in scientific standards in Australia and around the world.

Professor Maciej Henneberg, PhD, DSc, currently holds the Wood Jones Chair of Biological Anthropology and Comparative Anatomy at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. His main research interests are in past, present and future human evolution, described in over 231 papers and five monographs.

John Schofield is a veteran journalist-turned-writer with extensive experience living and working throughout Australia and South-East Asia, with a lifelong interest in the direction of human development, an interest he shares with his co-author.
Category Politics, Popular Science and Issues
Format Paperback
Size 215 x 150 mm
ISBN 9781862547919
Extent 176 pages
Price: AU$19.95 including GST
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