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Small City Tales of Strangeness and Beauty

Gillian Britton, Stephen Lawrence, Brian Castro

Small City Tales of Strangeness and Beauty
In these stories, poems and photographs with Adelaide as its theme, the city sighs with shifting sands. Its mornings swirl with readdressed mail and untended gardens, its afternoons seethe with melting bitumen and its nights crackle with heat, breakdown, the attrition of marriages. The city disgorges stories in the way waste yields coloured glass, not as a collector's item but as something being halted from passing out of memory. - from the foreword by Brian Castro

Heather Taylor Johnson, Petra Fromm, Annette Willis, Jude Aquilina, John De Laine, John Griffin, Anna Solding, David Mortimer, Rachel Hennessy, Mary Manning, Angela Smith, Gillian Britton, Harvey Schiller, Bernadette Smith, Jill Jones, Stephen Orr, Ken Bolton, Kate Deller Evans, Amy T Matthews, Steve Evans, Graham Rowlands, Annette Willis, Cath Keneally, Nicholas Jose, Kristel Thornell, Michael Winkler, Rob de Kok, John Tranter (writing as Mark Pallas), Shannon Burns, Annette Bartlett, Nic Rowan, Carol Lefevre, Stephen Lawrence, Ed Douglas, Brunette Lenkic, Alexandra Weaver, Cameron Fuller, Larry Buttrose, Courtney Black, Colin Varney, David Adès.
Category Literature - Fiction
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 135 mm
ISBN 9781862548343
Extent 208 pages
Price: AU$14.95 including GST
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