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Sounds Irish

The Irish language in Australia

Dymphna Lonergan

Sounds Irish
This book traces Irish language words, phrases and references in Australian newspapers, poetry, novels, and in Australian English. It begins with a discussion of the written evidence we have of Irish speakers in Australia, from convicts to priests. Readers will be surprised to learn how some of the most iconic Australian words, such as 'sheila' and 'brumby', are revealed to be Irish words in disguise. A detailed glossary of Irish words in Australian writing shows just how important this contribution to Australian English has been.

Dymphna Lonergan was born in Dublin, Ireland, where she studied the Irish language in school. She immigrated to Australia in 1972 and since then has continued to research the Irish influence on Australian English. Dr Lonergan has contributed Irish derivations for English words to the Oxford English Dictionary.
Category Business, Education and Reference
Format Paperback
Other information Greyscale illustrations, glossary, index
Size 240 x 165 mm
ISBN 9781921013003
Extent 146 pages
Price: AU$30.00 including GST
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