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Beyond the Black Stump

Histories of outback Australia

Alan Mayne

Beyond the Black Stump
Historians have had little to say about the lands that stretch 'beyond the black stump'. These essays from around the country build inland Australia into our national history, crisscrossing both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Contributors are Lorina Barker, Amanda Barry, Badger Bates, Peter Bishop, Nici Cumpston, Jean Duruz, Charles Fahey, Lionel Frost, Heather Goodall, Jenny Gregory, Patricia Grimshaw, Rodney Harrison, Rick Hosking, Darrell Lewis, Alan Mayne, Chrissiejoy Marshall, Margaret Somerville and Richard Waterhouse.

Alan Mayne has a Research SA Chair at the University of South Australia, where he is Professor of Social History and Public Policy at the Hawke Research Institute for Sustainable Societies. Among his recent publications are Hill End: An Historic Australian Goldfields Landscape (2003), and the edited collections Eureka: Reappraising an Australian Legend (2006) and The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes (2001).

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Category History
Format Paperback
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ISBN 9781862548008
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