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Veggie Burgers Every Which Way

Fresh, flavourful and healthy vegan and vegetarian burgers

Lukas Volger

Veggie Burgers Every Which Way
Veggie burgers - the ultimate crossover food and a longstanding staple of vegan and vegetarian cuisine - now take centre stage in this exciting, broadly appealing cookbook. Veggie Burgers Every Which Way makes use of everyday ingredients, prepared to suit every taste and occasion. Colour photographs of mouthwatering veggie burgers, displayed throughout the book, will have vegans, vegetarians - and even omnivores! - coming back for more.

'Highly recommended.' - Barbara Farrelly, South Coast Register

'Vege burgers will never be the same again!' - Otago Daily Times

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Category Food and Wine
Format Paperback
Size 178 x 165 mm
ISBN 9781862548961
Extent 192 pages
Price: AU$14.95 including GST
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